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Support The Ban on Trawling

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Please support Living Seas in the final push through Legco Finance Committee.

LIM strongly supports the proposed trawling ban as we believe this will ultimately be highly beneficial to tourism and eco-tourism in maritime Hong Kong, including the Islands District.

Coral reefs and seabeds will be allowed to regenerate and fish populations revived. There will be greater food supply for marine mammals and sea birds; dolphin watching, bird watching, diving, snorkeling and recreational fishing will all become worthwhile recreations after many years of decline.

Our enquiries find that most of the Cheung Chau fishing fleet will be unaffected as it fishes outside Hong Kong waters; others will be adequately compensated by government.

Living Seas

[box] From: Dod O’Dwyer
Subject: Trawling ban – Legco Finance Committee vote

We are close, oh so very close to success on getting the trawling ban completely accepted in Hong Kong, however we aren’t there yet and at this last stage your help is needed, again.

I spoke to the AFCD and have found out that the major issue to be finalised to ensure that the trawling ban actually happens is the vote by the Legco Finance committee on June 10.

At this meeting, the AFCD and the FEHD (Food and Environmental Hygiene Department) will request the funding required to compensate the affected fishermen and to implement the trawling ban in Hong Kong (steps such as buying back trawling boats, setting up additional artificial reefs, marine surveys etc).

Some fishermen are still actively pursuing increased compensation and crying foul. In my view this is confusing the issue.[/box]

Two requests:

1. Attend the Legco Finance committee are meeting on June 10 at 3 pm. If you are available, please reserve a seat via 2869 9399. A public gallery that is full of green groups and civic minded citizens will definitely help push this through.

2. The fishing community is still fighting this and if you and/or your members have not yet written into support the government efforts on the trawling ban please do pass on the message. I also understand that certain political parties are sitting on the fence and may still oppose this important initiative at this late stage.

I suggest that at this stage e-mails are sent directly to the Finance Committee and to the major political parties listed below.

Legco Finance Committee:

Political Parties:

Below is a very quickly put together suggested e-mail that can be used. Copy and paste into an e-mail and adjust as appropriate.

Thanks for your support on this. Please do contact me directly if you have any questions or additional thoughts. Living Seas will be writing formally to the Finance Committee.

Model Message:

Dear XXX

I am resident of Hong Kong and currently live in _ _ _ _ _ _.

I support the government’s proposal to ban all trawling in Hong Kong’s seas. It is long overdue.
Fish stocks in Hong Kong are depleted and our seas are a valuable recreational resource that has
long being abused and ignored.

I understand that some fishermen are objecting to this ban and are seeking increased
compensation; I do understand and empathize with their concerns for their future, however
trawling as a practice is fundamentally destroying the future for the whole fishing community
and devastating a valuable recreational resource, a resource that is vital piece of what makes
Hong Kong a wonderful place to live and work.

The trawling ban is about ensuring that Hong Kong’s seas are vibrant for the long term survival
of the fisheries sector and for the whole community.

I am writing to urge you to support the trawling ban financial package to be presented on June 10
and to ensure that the far reaching plan for the ban on trawling is fully implemented as soon
as possible.

Yours sincerely











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