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LIM Objection: Super-Incinerator

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LIM issues a letter of objection to the draft Outline Zoning Plan for the proposed Shek Kwu Chau Super-incinerator.

  • Deadline for objections: June 29, 2011.

The zoning application is a relatively minor hurdle in the whole approval process that the project has to go through, but in our view there is an important matter of principle to be contested here and now, since the project proponent (ironically the Environmental Protection Department itself) has neither an Environmental Impact Assessment nor funding in place for the incinerator and the application is therefore speculative and pre-emptive.

There are many possible grounds for objection and we encourage you all to submit individual representations via the Town Planning Board website at

Go to the section on “Draft Plans Currently Inviting Representations” and click on “Shek Kwu Chau” under Sai Kung and Islands District.

[box] LIM urgently needs volunteers to help in its campaign against the Super Incinerator. To get involved with leaflet distribution, posting, writing letters and many other actions, please contact us via e-mail[/box]

LIM’S Letter of Objection:
Click to enlarge and read. A Google docs version is available here.



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