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SCMP Letters: Questions on Incinerator Unanswered

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From Julia Brown, Lantau
SCMP, Dec 10, 2011

It is astonishing that the Advisory Council on the Environment can approve the ill-conceived plan by the Environmental Protection Department for a super-incinerator off Lantau Island (“Incinerator project gets green light a second time”, December 6).

This is not just because the plan is risible and the department hasn’t divulged the cost to the Hong Kong public – but because the council asked all the right questions at its meeting and got no satisfactory answers from the department.

Council members asked salient questions about alternative technology, the impact on the pristine environment and why the new plan offered only very minor, cosmetic changes to the original.

The department’s responses were worse than inadequate. As with their farcical “public consultations”, they cannot justify their plans with scientific, technological, financial or environmental sense.

Yet even after what this newspaper calls “fresh scrutiny” by the council, its members still approved the plan.

With advisers and environmental protectors like these, who needs destroyers?

Hong Kong can look forward to yet more pollution, worsening air quality, the destruction of pristine marine and green areas and the creation of a vast concrete eyesore.

All this is brought to us at a financial cost so large that our own government won’t tell its taxpayers how much until after the project is pushed through.


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