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Effective management of waste – Letter template for PWSc

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Below is an email template for people to express their concerns about the “Effective Management of Waste” issues associated with the proposed Mega-Incinerator to the Legislators on the Public Works Subcommittee (PWSc).  Send letters before Monday 5th May.

 Just click on this link to start your email to them, then copy the below information into your email, personalise it with your name and address details (and HKID number), change any of the content that you want to and then email.

[Your address]

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Dear Member of the Public Works Sub Committee

EPD Proposed Incinerator for Shek Kwu Chau

I write to express my concern for Hong Kong regarding the lack of effective strategies for managing waste in the SAR. It is indeed sad and disappointing that the Environment Bureau has not come up with a holistic approach to the SAR’s waste problems, preferring instead the easy option of “just burn it all – problem solved!”

The Environment Bureau proposal for dealing with Hong Kong’s waste problem does not represent an integrated process for our waste – despite the IWMF name they have given it. They are taking the easy and most expensive option which will involve minimal waste sorting and mass incineration of unsorted waste. There will be no incentive to reduce waste or sort waste if it is all going to be dumped in the furnace for disposal, regardless of the damage this does to the environment, air quality and human health.

Other countries, notably Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, have implemented effective processes for waste reduction at source, have applied waste charging where appropriate, encouraged practices for sorting of recyclables, are dealing effectively with recovered recyclables, and only as a last resort do they finally dispose of residual waste by landfill or thermal treatment?  Hong Kong is lagging way behind these and other Asian countries in effectively dealing with its recyclable waste – and it appears that years of inactivity by the Environment Bureau are to blame. We are in the situation we are in because of a failure to act responsibly to manage waste. Why is it so difficult for the EPD? Building a huge incinerator will only benefit the construction industry and the operator of the plant. The people of Hong Kong will not benefit from this.

Why is it so difficult to implement effective waste sorting at high-rise housing estates? Are certain departments obstructing waste management solutions because it is “too hard” for them to do anything about it? Waste can be smelly and unpleasant, but dealing with waste at source and applying effective sorting and recovery of recyclables is the right thing to do, and it can be done.

I urge you to reject the EPD proposals for Incineration. Hong Kong deserves better than this.

Yours sincerely

[your name]