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Excessive Cost – Letter template for PWSc

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Below is an email template for people to express their concerns about the “Excessive Cost” issues associated with the proposed Mega-Incinerator to the Legislators on the Public Works Subcommittee (PWSc).  Send letters before Monday 5th May.

 Just click on this link to start your email to them, then copy the below information into your email, personalise it with your name and address details (and HKID number), change any of the content that you want to and then email.

[Your address]

[Your HKID Number (optional, but adds credibility to your letter)]


Dear Member of the Legco Finance Committee and Public Works Sub Committee

Excessive Cost of EPD Proposed Integrated Waste Management Facility

I write to ask for your consideration of the concerns I have regarding the proposal by the EPD to construct a giant incinerator on reclaimed land off Shek Kwu Chau.

The cost of the EPD proposal is excessive and wasteful – HK$18 billion for a single incinerator, including huge land reclamation work and the destruction of natural habitats in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Of course, the money is not a problem for Hong Kong with its huge surplus, but should the Environment Bureau be allowed to be so wasteful of tax-payers money if it is not necessary?

Surely Government can tackle the problem of waste management in ways that are less wasteful of tax-payers money?

The EPD have consistently lied about the total tonnage of waste being recycled in Hong Kong, and they have totally misled us with the cost of building the Organic Waste Treatment plant in North Lantau. The current forecasts of the costs of this Project have risen far out of line with construction inflation.  The information in the EPD Blueprint for Waste Management therefore lacks all credibility and should not be believed. The costs will simply escalate out of control and the incinerator operation may never achieve the tonnages forecast by the EPD.

My opinion is that tax-payers money will be better spent and will realise greater value for tax-payers by addressing the waste problems at source. Smaller-scale, fully integrated waste management facilities will provide solutions on a district by district basis, will be more effective and more manageable, and will encourage personal responsibility for the amounts of waste that we all produce.

I hope that you reject the EPD proposals and make the right decision for the future of Hong Kong – Asia’s World City.

Yours sincerely

[your name]