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Incinerator – Round 2 of letters required to Public Works Subcommittee

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With all the additional questions on the Landfill and Incinerator issue the PWSc is now likely to discuss the topic on Incinerator funding on Tue 27 May so keep sending in the letters!

Dear Members and Friends

Send more emails to legislators before Monday 5th May to stop the incinerator

Thanks to everyone who sent in emails and letters to Legislators on the Public Works Subcommittee (PWSc). As you may have heard, at the meeting on 16 April there were so many questions asked by some legislators that the vote on the incinerator was not taken. The next meeting of the PWSc will be held on

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Wed 7 May, so now is a great time to send in further letters/questions.

Quality and Quantity do matter.

This is what we are hearing from legislators so to help you with sending a letter we have created 4 different templates for you on the following topics:

Climate Change and Human Health

Excessive Cost

Need for effective management of waste at source

Environmental Impacts


We suggest you:

1) choose ONE of the above templates,

2) personalise it with your name and address details (and HKID number),

3) change any of the content that you want to and then

4) email it to the PWSc legislators using this email template.

Once you have down this, forward the email to your contacts and ask them to do the same.


LIM Committee Members