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Mui Wo Facelift Phase 1 begins

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aerial photo_phase 1 works

You may have noticed that the long-awaited Mui Wo Facelift is at last getting underway –

Last week, LIM met with CEDD Senior Engineer C K Lam, who is in charge of the Phase I works, to find out more details. He presented us with a summary document which is loaded on the LIM Website.

Phase I will be in full swing by the end of the year and is scheduled to last until September 2016. It consists of:

  1. Waterfront Promenade. A cantilevered walkway and refurbished cycle track on the existing footpath.
  2. Bridge across River Silver. The existing bridge will be more than doubled in width and split into pedestrian and cycle lanes.
  3. Civic Square. A recreation precinct with children’s playground and facilities for the elderly, and a performance precinct
  4. Village amenity areas.

The village amenities and children’s playground are to be completed within one year, the rest of the works will proceed concurrently to the end of the project.

Unfortunately, there will be some inconvenience to pedestrians along the Waterfront as the existing promenade will have to be closed during construction of the cantilevered walkway. The planting out areas alongside will be temporarily paved over to provide a narrow 1.5m path for pedestrians in the meantime. However, none of the existing trees will be disturbed except for a small section near the cooked food market.  Cyclists will have to use the main road or the path on the other side of Ngan Kwong Wan Road that runs through the Chinese restaurants on the hill.

Incidentally, this sewage works on this section of the road are almost finished, but will continue in the section down to the Fire Station.

Finally, we were informed that Phase IIA should be gazetted in late 2015. This will consist mainly of re-provisioning and expansion of Car Parking facilities in the area around the back of the old Mui Wo Secondary School. This may help relieve some of the current parking issues in the Ferry Pier area, but not in the Old Town area.

If you have any additional questions or comments we would be glad to pass them on to CEDD.

Best wishes
LIM Committee