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Dumping on Pui O Wetland

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We all know that there has been a long history of slowly filling in the wetlands around Pui O. Unfortunately a new round is underway and there is an active group of

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people trying to ensure EPD does the right thing – which is to protect this area by updating the planning rules. While we wait for EPD to do this we hope they will stop issuing permits to dump fill on farming/wetland areas.

Since early December one new area of dumping near the football pitch on the way to the beach has been reported to EPD. While EPD visited the day after the first report we are still waiting 3 weeks later for a meaningful response. So LIM has written a letter to EPD (LIM Letter to EPD about Pui O dumping – 20141230) and we have also been told that it will be another 15 working days before they will provide a substantive reply.

LIM Letter to EPD about Pui O dumping - 20141230 p1