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LIM response to offshore LNG Terminal proposed for next to Soko Islands

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Offshore LNG Terminal proposed for next to Soko Islands.13173243_976686972448834_7041170181981622181_o


Inspection Period: 7 May 2016 – 20 May 2016

Read full proposal via…/re…/profile/latest/esb292/esb292.pdf


Here is the submission that LIM made on the Offshore LNG Terminal proposed for next to Soko Islands which we also posted at

It was disappointing to hear this project being released only a few days after the consultation on Lantau Development closed. It is unfortunate that the Government departments that CLP and their consultants have discussed the project with did not advise the Lantau Development Advisory Committee and have it incorporated in the Lantau Development Proposal. This plan indicates that the water south and west of Lantau Island were to be for creation and not industrial facilities like ship berthing facilities.

We are certainly supportive of Hong Kong’s need to improve air quality so see the potential health and environmental benefits which this project many be able to deliver to Hong Kong through more power being generated from gas instead of coal.

It is pleasing to hear that the proposed LNG project if it proceeds, will be taking into account the proposed though yet to be announced location of the over 700 ha marine park required as part of the EIA requirements for the Integrated Waste Management Facilities (IWMF) near Shek Kwu Chau, and the Soko Marine park which is going through the gazette get process. We hope that marine park will not be designed around the proposed LNG offshore facilities berthing area though rather the marine park boundaries be proposed and gazetted before the LNG facilities are confirmed.

Here are some further comments in no particular order:
– Why could the location for the LNG Berthing and Jetty Facilities not be to the west of the Soko Islands?
– What would be the normal shipping approach taken for the LNG ships coming to and from the facility from international waters? A map showing the routes would be helpful.
– Will the LNG receiving facilities have a exclusion zone for all vessels including recreational fishing boats?
– Could the Double Berth Jetty of the LNG receiving facilities be design to incorporate an artificial reef
– Could some form of closed loop heat exchanging system be used rather than pumping sea water directly through pipes for the re-gasification at the LNG receiving facilities? This would reduce the volume of chemicals required to be added to the sea water.
– While the use of the earlier EIA report undertaken by CLP for the previously proposed land based LNG terminal at the Soko Islands reduces the financial burden on CLP, we are concerned that there have been a significant reduction in the population of the Chinese White dolphin since this time and therefore are concerned that assumptions used in that earlier EIA report my no longer be valid, especially for the dredging for the pipelines.
– Why is there no information provided showing what exists or is planned in the Chinese waters and islands near the proposed project? Surely while outside the direct control of HK authorities it is a very important part of planning the construction and on going operation of the proposed project. Please include similar information like that in Figure 4.1 for a 30-50 km radius around the proposed project site.

Overall our concerns are around the sea portions of this project like the pipelines, berthing facilities and LNG ships. We have less concern with the facilities located at the two power plants.

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