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Thoughts on Pui O Wetland Judicial Review hearing

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A brief update from Martin Lerigo following the JR hearing held on 27 Sep 2016, while we wait for the judgement.

Thanks to all who attended, fascinating day in court.  Significant press and TV coverage (nine daily newspapers and four TV news stations), due in large part to the presence of Eddie ‘King of Votes’ Chu.  Please see the Living Islands Movement (LIM) website and Facebook page for all the links.

Our legal team had a good day in court, with closing arguments going particularly well.  That the judge sees merit in our aims and goals is not in doubt, he said as much.  It will all come down to his judgement about the ‘discretion’ the current legislation affords to the Director Environmental Protection.  That there is any dispute about such discretion in relation to ecological hotspots like the Pui O wetlands is astounding and a reflection of how the legislation has been framed to suit special interest groups rather than the needs of all Hong Kongers.  The judge however cannot rule on what should be common sense, he has to interpret the law as it stands.

It will be 4-6 weeks until a written judgement arrives, I’ll update this group as soon as I have it.  Please keep everything crossed and thanks for the ongoing support from so many of you.

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