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Small House Applications in Luk Tei Tong Village

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The Committee of LIM has growing concerns about how village houses are being built without the supporting public infrastructure. To express this concern we have written the following letter based on 3 new Small House Applications in the Luk Tei Tong Village.

We hope that by publishing this letter more members of the community can be aware of the issues and hopefully the concerns will be addressed by the relevant Government Departments.



Ms CHU Ho Kwan
District Lands Officer, Islands
19/F, Harbour Road Building
38 Pier Road
Central, Hong Kong

26 Nov 2016

Your ref:

(80) in LD DLO/IS 13/SHA/2011
(66) in LD DLO/IS 88/SHA/2012
(84) in LD DLO/IS 26/SHA/2011

Dear Ms CHU Ho Kwan

We wish to make the following comments regarding the captioned small house applications in Luk Tei Tong Village. These are the comments of the Living Islands Movement (LIM) Committee, but also reflect opinions expressed by members and local residents of the village.


There are specific concerns on each case, but the overriding consideration relates to the pace of development of the village, which in our opinion is too fast given the absence of supporting public infrastructure and the lack of any overall development plan for the village:


Planning for a village sewage scheme encompassing Luk Tei Tong was instigated as long ago as 2008, and despite the gazetting of a layout plan in December 2014, we understand that there is still no definitive time-line to finalize and implement the project. We are now told that construction may not commence within this decade.

The sewerage scheme was considered necessary from a public health standpoint on a projected increase in population of Luk Tei Tong Village from 300 to approximately 1,000 persons. It is unacceptable to LIM that this essential health and environmental protection project is being held back while the pace of small house approvals is accelerating. We have seen at least 20 new permits issued in the last few years and are aware that may be a similar number in the pipeline.

Emergency and General Access

While the Northern part of the village is served by an EVA road coming round via Tai Tei Tong village, the rest of the village is poorly served for access. Even at the centre of the oldest part of the village most of the pathways have to cross privately-held land. In the southern section of the village, which is currently being most rapidly developed, there are no paved pathways whatsoever.

We consider it unacceptable that no provision for emergency or general access is being made for the southern section of the village ahead of or prior to the addition of the 15-20 new small houses now under construction or in process, some of which are too close together to permit access.

Public Amenities

Unlike other villages (such as Tai Tei Tong), Luk Tei Tong has virtually no public open space, no Refuse Collection Point (RCP), totally inadequate waste recycling facilities, few if any surface water drains, no public conveniences etc.

We consider it unacceptable to continue to issue new small house building licenses at the current pace without making provision for these most basic and essential public services in the village.


The applications on Lot Nos. 420 S.A. and 426 in DD3 MW are north-east facing at the front of the village, and encroach on sensitive wetland areas that are already stressed by pollution from grey water and sceptic tank overflow from the older properties nearby.

We believe these applications should not be approved without enhanced mitigation to protect the adjacent wetland areas from grey water and sewage pollution. We respectfully request comment from the Environmental Protection Department on these matters, including the reasons for the delay in implementing the village sewage project.

The application on Lot No. 308 RP in DD4 MW appears to close off entirely access to adjacent Lot Nos. 308 S.A. 308 S.B., and is far too close to the new small house recently completed on Lot No. 308 S.E. This application appears to be one in a series that may result in a tightly packed block of 8-10 houses which will have inadequate access and multiple sceptic tanks potentially polluting the adjacent wetland and village areas.

We respectfully request input from Planning and other relevant departments on these issues. We consider that this application should not be approved before the access and future layout of this section of the village have been clarified.

Yours Sincerely

The Living Islands Movement