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Objection to another application to destroy the Pui O wetland

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Dear Members and Friends,

Many of you will have seen or read that yet another section of the Pui O wetlands is now being filled with construction rubble.  This despite there being an outstanding Judicial Review which challenges the legal basis on which the Government are allowing this to happen.  The Government’s assurances in their ‘blueprint’ for Lantau that the Pui O wetlands will be conserved now seems very hollow.

In this instance the landowner has also applied for planning permission to the Town Planning Board (TPB) to fill the land for agricultural use.  We do not accept that this land is suitable for that purpose or that the Board should counternance such land use within a Coastal Protection Area.

Please take less than 5 minutes to make a written objection via the following link, deadline is the end of December 27th:

A two-sentence objection is fine. The main objection points are:
1.      We do not accept that the subject lot is suitable or viable for the purposes of farming as suggested in the application.
2.      This location is zoned as a Coastal Protection Area, within which haphazard developments and landfilling are prohibited.
3.      The landfilling will seriously damage and erode a valuable and delicate wetland ecosystem.
4.      The landfilling will seriously damage the habitat of Lantau’s unique feral water buffaloes.
5.      The landfilling will create an eyesore, forever despoiling a picturesque and visually beautiful area of outstanding natural beauty.
6.      It would directly contradict the stated policy of the Government, contained in the Lantau Blueprint, which states that the Pui O wetlands will be conserved.
7.      It would contradict the CE’s statement in the policy address that money will be made available for conserving the Pui O wetlands.

Please make your objection before the end of 27 December either online via
or by emailing quoting application number A/SLC/148

The LIM Committee