About LIM

Living Islands Movement is a non-affiliated, local group dedicated to the sustainable environment of Hong Kong’s outlying islands – with a focus on Lantau.

Our Vision:
A Liveable Lantau for All

Our Mission:
To campaign for outcomes from Hong Kong planning and management processes that enhance the quality of life on Lantau

Our Focus Activities/Actions:

  1. To identify at an early stage issues likely to affect Lantau and engage government and other stakeholders appropriately on the key issues of local concern  (e.g. Waste Management, Transport, Parking, Illegal Dumping and Landfill etc.);
  2. Make high-quality submissions to relevant consultation exercises;
  3. Lobby Legislative Council (LegCo) and District Council members on major Lantau issues;
  4. Engage with all forms of media to bring greater awareness and visibility to key issues affecting Lantau Island and its surrounds;
  5. Support legal and orderly public actions when necessary to raise awareness within the Government, the media and the community; and
  6. Communicate effectively to the local community and LIM members on our chosen campaigns.

LIM is made up entirely of volunteers. All money raised through donations and membership fees goes directly into funding campaigns.

The LIM Executive Committee is elected annually and comprises:

Chair: Merrin Pearse
Deputy Chair:  Louise Preston
Treasurer:  John Schofield
Secretary:  Louise Taylor
Members:  Bob Bunker, Mark Parlett, Martin Lerigo, Maggie Low, Hamish Low, Kathryn Davies & Ben Sargent