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Dear members and friends,

We have received an appeal from colleagues on Lamma Island about a proposed property and marina development that threatens the survival of a number of already endangered species, including the Green Turtle pictured left.

They are seeking our support in writing letters of objection to the Town Planning Board before October 14

A sample letter is attached for your convenience.

Thank you.


From: David O’Dwyer, Chairman, Living Seas Hong Kong
Subject: Baroque on Lamma

The Baroque on Lamma development hasn’t died. The developer has made yet another submission to the Town Planning Board. We really need to stop this one before it is too late. A quick summary of the proposed development:

1. A huge property and marina development on the South Side of Lamma, right next to the last remaining green turtle nesting beach in Hong Kong and encompassing important terrestrial ecosystems that support indigenous species such as the Romers Tree Frog and the Green Turtle.

2. The developer is applying for rezoning from “Agriculture”, “Conservation Area”, “Coastal Protection Area” zones to “Comprehensive Development Area”

3. The developer has amended its plans to incorporate certain mitigation approaches, however these amendments are just “green washing”. This is not a suitable site

The deadline for sending in responses and comments to the Town Planning Board (TPB) at is October 14.

I invite you all to submit comments and to show your objections to the plan. A copy of the Living Seas’s objection is appended below.

Objection from Living Seas:

“On behalf of Living Seas HK, we are writing to object to the development on Lamma as proposed by the project proponent on the basis of insufficient evidence that coral communities will not be affected and also that the construction and ongoing increase in boat traffic in the areas will cause willful disturbance to the marine turtle nesting beach at Shum Wan.

In Hong Kong established coral communities of any size are regarded as important habitat types in Hong Kong as defined in Annex 8 of EIAO-TM.

There is evidence to suggest that coral communities exist in Tung O wan and along the Ngai Tau Headland and that neither the EIA or any recent memorandums show the extent of coral loss, mitigation or any attempts to translocate corals in order to protect these species.

The beach at Sham Wan, Lamma is the last remaining nesting beach for the endangered and protected green turtle (Chelonia mydas) in Hong Kong waters. This species and the Sham Wan nesting beach is protected under the Wild Animals Protection Ordinance (Chapter 170) Under the ordinance it is illegal to willfully disturb a nest or egg of any protected wild animal?. The construction process, increased lights and increased boat traffic will willfully disturb these protected animals from nesting.

On these grounds Living Seas HK objects to the development named as “Baroque”.